Hello, I am Tara.
I work at Fusion along side studying at the University of Hertfordshire; I am in my third year of studying to become a primary school teacher.
I joined Fusion in March 2021 and I couldn’t ask for a better team or children to work with. The last academic year was understandably different, although a good experience, this academic year I am ecstatic to be able to experience Fusion as it once was. I am excited to be able to engage with all of the children and incorporate children of all ages into the same activities at the same time.
I look forward to continuing to enhance the children’s development through play, talk and structured activities, whilst making sure their time at Fusion continues to be as enjoyable and exciting as possible.
In my spare time I enjoy going on walks, aeroplane watching, baking, watching football (Liverpool), making cake toppers and t-shirts, but most importantly spending time with my family.