04/09/23 –

A glorious first day back to School today. ☀️

We had fun playing outside and getting to know new friends. We learnt what ‘houses’ we were in at Fusion and how to earn House Points, found a jumpy frog in the pond and got back into the routine again! 🐸🎯🎳🏡👈🏼


A busy day of cool and shady activities today. Ice panting, pond dipping, water play and some sewing in the shade.


Our Receptions have settled in really well this week learning the Fusion routine and having fun!

Well done super stars 🤩⭐️☀️



Rosh Hashanah ☪️
At Fusion this week we have been celebrating the Jewish Festival – Rosh Hashanah and learning about the New Year. We made some honey biscuit to celebrate a sweet new year, we played Bingo with symbols of the festival and made our own ‘Shofar’ which is a rams horn trumpet which is used to symbolise religious ceremonies!

Roald Dahl week! 🐊💉🦒
Can you work out what animals are from what book?
Did you know…..
⭐️He invented more than 500 new words and character names.
⭐️He wrote most of his books in his garden shed.
⭐️One of his most famous books almost had a different name.
⭐️His books were inspired by the people and things around him.
⭐️Roald Dahl fought in WW2 and was a spy.




🏴‍☠️Ahoy there.. we celebrated International talk like a pirate day.
We had to find all the gold that was hidden around the playground. We walked the plank, made pirate hats and treasure maps, read a pirate story, learnt about famous pirates and even worked out what our pirate name was and some pirate phrases.🏴‍☠️

World Peace Day ✌🏽☮️🕊️
Did you know…. The main significance of celebrating the International Day of Peace Day or World Peace Day is to foster a culture of peace and non-violence across global communities.


Letter S week
We decorated spinners and watched the colours merge together.
Snakes….we decorated snakes, made snake pasta shapes and found facts about snakes. 🐍
Sunflower pictures 🌻
Board games that begin with letter S- snakes and ladders 🐍🪜, Incy winsy spider 🕸️🕷️, story boxes, shopping list game 🛍️🛒

Letter S week-
Super hero puzzles 🦸‍♂️🧩, sand and diggers, sun catchers ☀️. We read books that began with the letter s and counted how many s words we could find!

Letter S week
Fruit Salad game 🍒🍓🍇🍎🍑
Space hoppers
Strawberry cheesecake 🍓🧀🍰
Sensory spaghetti 🍝
Space rockets and space people 🔭🪐☄️🛸👽🚀

Letter S week
Letter S- smoothie 🍒🍓🍇🍌🥝🥭🫐

Letter S week-
Letter S week!
We made slime, sunflowers 🌻where we measured our bodies for the stalks 📏🌾
We matched up some smelly socks and hung them on the line 🧦🧺

Letter S week!
Spin art with the paints 🎨🖌️
Sensory area to chill out in
Squirrel craft 🐿️
Sunflowers 🌻


Space week 🔭🪐☄️🛸👽🚀
We made Moon sand by mixing tbsp of flour to 1tbsp of oil. 🌕⏳
Build a rocket ship and made Galaxies in a jar 🌌🪐

SPACE WEEK 🔭🪐☄️🛸👽🚀
Did you know… 1 tsp of neutron star weighs the same as the human population. …

SPACE WEEK 🔭🫐🪐☄️🛸👽
At breakfast club we used balloons covered in paint and popped them to make the solar system!
Did you know…. On Mercury a day is twice as long as a year. …

SPACE WEEK🔭👽🪐☄️🛸🚀🌌
Did you know there are 88 official constellations 🌌


We have been looking at food from around the world.
We have had Plantain crisps, made Sushi, ate spring rolls and looked at fruit around the world making fruit kebabs. We tried new flavours and learnt new skills. 🍌🍓🫐🍍🥑🌮🍱🍣

Food Around The World🌏
As well as sushi, pakoras and other foods we have made this week. We made spring rolls and guacamole 🥑

This week we have been making cakes! We practiced different types of icing and frosting using different methods.
Did you know…. 🧁🍰
The term ‘cupcake’ was originally used in the late 19th century for cakes made from ingredients measured by the cupful. The traditional pound cake recipe was easy to remember for its pound of butter, a pound of sugar, a pound of flour, and a pound of eggs. Likewise, the name “cupcake” comes from how the recipe was measured: 1 cup butter, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups flour, and 4 eggs.!



Black History Month
Black History Month is a special time to reflect on the contributions and achievements of Black leaders, past and present, to inspire future contributions, innovation, and achievements.

Activities to support anti-bullying, we have been thinking about how we can be a good friend


Belated Halloween activity! Practicing our icing skills with spooky cupcakes 🕷️🕸️🧁🎂🎃

Halloween activities! 🎃
Witches potion making station- the children were experimenting with different textures and resources to make their potions 🧪👻🧙‍♀️

Did you know…. People originally carved turnips instead of pumpkins.




Lest we forget 🎗️

Diwali 🔯🛕🪷🪔
This week we have been celebrating Diwali. We made delicious Mango Lassi and Shaheda brought in her saris to show us how to wear one and showed us different types of them!

Diwali 🪔🔯🛕🪷


Letter T week
We have been playing in tents 🎪🏕️, playing with magnetic tiles, thumb print pictures 👍🏽👎🏻 and learning about our teeth 🦷🪥😬
Did you know- About a third of each tooth is underneath your gums. This is why keeping your gums healthy is as important.

Letter T activity = tomatoes 🍅🥫🔨
The children joined in with a sensory tomatoe activity where we used lots of diacritics language such as juicy, squishy, smooth etc…. And lots of mathematical language – overall, circular, round etc… to develop and increase the children’s knowledge.

Letter T activities.
We have made Totem poles, Tree Pictures 🌴🌳, Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle 🐢🐢. We played the Kim’s game with objects beginning with the letter T.
We have played Human Tic Tac Toe, ❌⭕️ the name Train 🚝🚂 , fun with torches 🔦, tents and den building 🏕️⛺️