A big round of applause for Fusions Fantastic House Captains- voted by the children!

Well done to all candidates who wrote a speech.

Cranbourne- Isla H and Leia C

Aldwick- Annie F and Megan H

Sherwood – Millie H and Marnie N

Meadway- Sophia S and Will L




‘Hi my name is Annie. My hobbies are Horse Riding and ballet and swimming. I have been at Fusion since i was in Reception so i know it really well. I have a older brother and sister and help children all the time. I can’t wait to add an Eco Club to Fusion that i will run.’


‘Hello, my name is Megan and i am so excited to be a House Captain for Aldwick. I have a younger sister so i am really good at looking after little children and helping them. I want to add an art club to Fusion, although we do really fun art activities i would like to organise this and set it up.’


‘Hello, my name is Isla, my favourite thing to do is play fun things outside in my garden and doing gymnastics on my trampoline and at the gym. I have a dog and a hamster. I also like to help children who need it and help people who are hurt. I have been at Fusion since Year 1 so i know all the children and staff well. I will listen to the rest of my houses views and lead them to success. .’


‘My name is Leia and i have been at Fusin since year 1 and i love looking after children and having fun with them. I enjoy being in charge but always try not to be bossy and listen to others. I find Fusion really fun already but am excited to be in charge of organising games and activities.’




‘Hello, my name is Will and my hobbies are Cricket, football and running (anything energetic really). I have lots of things that make me special and will make sure anyone in my house that have specialities aswell have the support from me to shine.’


‘Hello, my name is Sophia and my favourite thing to do is help both younger and older people. I like playing football and my favourite colour is blue since its a deep blue ocean colour. I have been at Fusion for 6 years now, i think i am really nice people and will welcome anyone into my house with open arms .’


‘Hi, my name is Millie and i am 9 years old. I have been at Fusion for 2 years. I sometimes struggle to manage my emotions but I think being a House captain, i will be a very good role model and show the children how to behave. Because i know what it feels like to struggle with my emotions i will support other children if they feel like this too.  I will encourage my house to get points so that we can win competitions. .’