What Did Ofsted Say About Us…


 “Children behave very well. They follow the clear rules and are respectful of
others. Children ask to create activities and mini clubs to share with others. They
embrace the leadership roles they take on, modelling the examples set by the
dedicated and enthusiastic staff who care for and support them.”

“The owner and manager have high expectations of staff and children. They fully
involve staff in helping to evaluate the quality of care and attention. Staff
enhance their knowledge and understanding through regular training. This
contributes to continual improvements made at Fusion.”
“An experienced cook helps to ensure that freshly made hot meals are nutritious
and varied. Staff ensure that children with special dietary requirements only
receive food suitable for their needs. This helps to keep children healthy.”

“The manager and her team work very closely with school staff. They find out
what children have been learning about and build on these ideas and themes in
the club. This helps to strengthen children’s understanding of what they already

“Each key person builds a strong relationship with children and parents. They
share information about children’s progress and find out from parents what
children are interested in. This helps staff shape activities that children find
exciting and enjoyable.”

“Staff encourage children to feel valued at Fusion. They give children
opportunities to vote for their preferences and to make choices for themselves.
This helps them learn about democracy and fairness. Children are motivated to
gain house points for their allocated house. They record the number of points
they have on a chart and are proud of their achievements.”
“Children enjoy caring for African snails. They ask staff questions and
enthusiastically recall how the snails react to their handling and attention. Staff
build on children’s curiosity, giving them even more information to remember.”
“Children share experiences from home with others. They describe how they
celebrate different festivals, demonstrating dances and other traditions to other
children. This helps children expand their knowledge of the world around them.”
“Parents value the information they receive through regular discussions,
newsletters and secure social media platforms. In turn, they feed back their
thoughts and ideas and report that they feel very involved in Fusion. There are
opportunities for the manager to review how and what information she gathers
from parents, to help enhance the focused self-evaluation methods even more.”
“The owner and manager work closely with external organisations and
professionals. They seek support and advice when needed and ensure that all
their policies and procedures reflect good practice and legislation, such as
employment law and safeguarding. The manager ensures that staff’s well-being
is monitored through regular supervision, helping to enable staff to be effective
team members.”


What Did Ofsted Say About Us…


“The provider and the manager are passionate about providing high quality out-of school care and have made significant improvements since the last inspection. The keyperson system is now highly effective and enables staff to provide excellent support that is precisely tailored to the needs of individual children and their families.”

 “Children take part with great enthusiasm in a very wide range of interesting activities. They thoroughly enjoy regular visits from a dance teacher, who introduces them to a variety of dances from different parts of the world.”
 “Staff provide children with an excellent balance of opportunities for free play and some planned activities. They work closely with children throughout the session, supporting them very effectively as they play. Children choose whether to play indoors or outside throughout the year.”
“Children quickly learn to take responsibility for their own safety. They understand why they have to wear high-visibility jackets when they are playing outside, so that staff can easily see them in the extensive outdoor area. They learn to put their name label in the correct place to indicate whether they have chosen to stay indoors or to play outside.”
 “The manager works very closely with her large team of staff, who have a wide range of experience and qualifications. The manager conducts monthly supervision meetings with every member of staff. She works with them to set targets for their work each month. This helps them to focus on enhancing their performance so that they can support children’s play and learning even more effectively.”
 “Partnership working with the school is excellent. Staff share detailed information about children’s welfare and their activities in the club with the teachers in the Reception Year. They are fully aware of children’s next steps in learning in school and provide play opportunities that support children’s progress in school very effectively.”