Frequently asked questions and the answers.

Breakfast Club
Where do we park and drop off for Breakfast Club? Park in Dark Lane or bottom carpark and use the gates to walk up to the Junior Reception. Or park respectively in Sherwood’s Rise and make your way to the Junior Reception. You CANNOT park in staff car park for Breakfast Club drop off.
When can I drop off my child/ren? The session starts at 7:45am. You can drop off at 7:30am for an extra fee.
Do I have to sign my child/ren in? No- you say goodbye at the glass doors in the Junior foyer and the children sign themselves in.
Can my child/ren walk up to Breakfast Club on their own? Unfortunately NOT, we must see all parents/carers at drop off.
When does Breakfast finish? 8:30am
How do children get dropped off to school? Juniors via the inside of the Junior building.

Infants are walked over to the Infant school and delivered to their classroom from the inside.

After School Club
How do my child/ren get to Fusion? Junior children walk to the Junior dining room and meet Fusion staff. Once registered they’ll be transitioned over to the Infants.

Infant children sit on the carpet in their classroom and Fusion staff collect directly from each classroom.

Where do we pick up from After School Club and where do we park? You CAN park in the staff carpark for After School Club pick up. Please DO NOT access the site from the gates around the field. Collection is from the Infant dining room (Fusion’s entrance). Press the buzzer and we will let you in.
What time is dinner? Dinner is at 4/4:15pm and usually lasts for 30/45 mins, depending on the dinner.
Can the children go to extra-curricular clubs (school led run clubs; sports, choir) after School and then go to Fusion? Yes- we do a second pick up at 4:15pm when the clubs finish. Juniors meet in the dining room and a member of Fusion staff will be waiting for them to bring them to the Infants. The Infant children are brought to Fusion by the teacher.
Why do I have to know my family password and maybe requested to show ID at collection? This is part of our Safeguarding Policy and Procedure and is in place to Safeguard the children in our care. Staff must get to know all new parents.
My child has a club after Fusion (scouts, brownies, gym, cricket) can they get changed at Fusion? Yes, no problem- it is the children’s responsibility to get themselves changed, making sure their uniform is in their bag! We also suggest getting changed after dinner, for obvious reasons.
Do I have to sign my child/ren out? Yes- it’s part of our Safeguarding, so we know who has left the premises, ratios and know who has collected your child/ren.