Artist Month

Artist Month – We have been very busy this month and been very fortunate to have some fantastic artist come and visit Fusion.

Kate Buchanan –  a local artist who came in and taught some of the juniors how to paint feathers using water colours. We then used a special pen and created our own masterpieces! Thank you so much Kate, we can’t wait to have you back and learn more from you! 🎨

Jo Wood – As part of our artist month, we were very lucky to have Jo Wood, a local artist come in. Jo’s inspiration comes from the beach and sea as you can see from her incredible work.
Jo spoke to us about her life as an artist, her jobs, showed us sketches, some objects that have inspired her, some paintings, some silk scarves she created and even a piece of driftwood that she turned into a fish.
Jo is very passionate about beach cleans and about the importance of recycling plastics as they have detrimental affects on the beach/ocean and it’s creatures. Jo created the fish from driftwood and plastic objects that have been found at the beach and although it looks pretty, plastics have to be recycled instead of been dumped at the beach.
Thank you so much Jo for taking the time to come and speak to us. We think you are very talented and are looking forward to seeing you at Fusion again soon. 🎨🌊🏖🐠🌎


Aimie – We were lucky to have the wondering Aimi in to talk to us about being a Graffitti Artist which linked into today’s artist of Banksy. Aimi spoke to us about all the community projects she does, all her Muriel paintings and even taught us how to Graffitti on our very own wall. Thank you so much to the talented Aimi.
Follow Aimi on instgram: aimirixartist and on Pinterest: Aimi Rix or and see all the incredible things she has designed and created.
Aimi is part of Little Red Creative Studios which is a studio in Luton that is all things dance, art & photography.
Little Red Creative Studios

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