Inventor Day

Samuel morse and Alfred vail invented morse code. We learnt to use morse code and invented our own messages for our partner to solve.
It’s harder than you think, but a valuable skill. 🆘
Washington Sheffield invented toothpaste, we used toothpaste to paint with- Look at our creations 🪥🦷#
Charles Macintosh invented waterproof garments. Shaheda did a rain cloud experiment with us and we talked about what waterproof trousers we own
Chester greenwood invented ear muffs in 1873, here are our ear muffs that we made using the sewing machine!
Inventor Day!
Today at Fusion we had a lovely parent, Mrs Judkins in to Fusion to talk about her job of a Brand Manager. We spoke about our favourite flavour Fruit Shoot and what we would like in a future fruit shoot, we also designed a label and got to take one home.
Thank you so much! If you have a interesting Job or hobby we would love to hear from you!!

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