Save The Children

The children have decided that they would like to fund raise for Save the Children, specifically the Den Building event.
The Den building Day is 16th June, but to ensure we are giving all children an opportunity to take part we will be running a Den building week W/C 12th June 2017. To include all children we will be running other sponsored/fundraising events from 02/05/17-16/06/17.

I have spoken to Save the Children and Just Giving in great lengths and due to the nature of our club, children attending different days, paperwork that must be completed (gift aid) and the amount of parents, the only viable way to donate/fund raise and to minimise paperwork for all, as well as adhering to the laws, is one general sponsorship form, that will have one total amount per child/family. A child can have multiple sponsors (grandparents, aunties, uncles) but all must have their details on the sponsorship form. Therefore, this overall one payment donation will cover all the events that we are doing as your child may participate in more than one. This way all children can take part and they can decide what events they would like to do. The amount of the donation is up to you. Whatever you can give will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

All donations must be in cash and in an envelop with your name on. When you hand the donation in, we will need you to to sign the sponsorship form as this is a legal obligation.

I am sure the children will be rather keen to throw sponges at the staff, wax male staff members legs, count how many sweets are in the sweet jar. We will also be holding a sponsored silence for the children on 24th May- surely that is worth a donation! If 15 children or more can be quiet from either 7:45am-9:00 am and 3:15pm to 5:15pm Fusion will give a bonus donation of £50.00. We will also be holding the Fusion Bake off W/C 12th June, this was really successful last year and the children (and parents) became very competitive.

What the money will go towards:
£66.00 will buy 10 tarpaulin sheets to help families who have lost tehir homes in an emergency
£150.00 will run two reading clubs fr a year for children in Rwanda learn literacy skills
£250.00 will provide a family of 5 with life-saving winter essentials including an electric radiator, blankets, warm jackets, hats and socks.

We will be speaking to all children about the fundraising plans and be asking them what they would like to sign up for, but it would be good if you could have a chat with them too and discuss donations.

Watch out for some posters that will be around Fusion and we look forward to receiving your donations! Thank you so very much for your continued to support and I hope we can raise some money for children around the world who are less fortunate that ourselves.


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